Catherine Hauser, PH.D., RN, LCPC, CADC

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For over 20 years I have been helping people deal with the stress in their lives including parenting problems, relationship problems, depression, grief and loss, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and addictions.

In overcoming stress, I use an integrative and interpersonal approach, combining both cognitive and behavioral strategies, along with mind-body stress-reduction techniques. These treatments with children, adolescents and adults help them to regain control over their lives, relate better to others, and have more satisfying relationships.

I provide the following programs in both individual and group format: PARENT COACHING, AND EXPRESSIVE STRESS-REDUCTION GROUP THERARPY FOR CANCER SURVIVORS

Stress-Reduction for Emotional Distress, Acute and Chronic Illness:
Research shows that emotional distress can results in emotional and behavior problems, but also frequently can manifest as chronic or acute illness, like diabetes, insomnia, pain from headaches, fibromyalgia, low back pain, and other medical conditions. I provide help for these and other conditions by using a mind-body stress reduction approach, which includes progressive relaxation training, hypnosis, meditation, and guided visual imagery.

This is a therapy group for the newly diagnosed and those experiencing recurrence, and/or remission. The program is a place where individuals can talk about the impact of Cancer on every aspect of their lives and find support. Individuals will learn psychosocial coping skills, stress-reduction techniques, and how to detoxify death and dying. Studies show that, along with responsible medical care, a relationship exists between improving quality of life, and extending survival time.
How Do You Know When You Need Support?
1.   Are you crying more, feeling sad, and getting anxious or irritable?
2.   Are you feeling overwhelmed, and unable to make a decision?
3.   Are you panicky and cannot resolve feeling stressed?
4.   Is it hard to talk to family or friends because you do not want to burden  them?
5.   Do you feel that if people know you have cancer they will feel pity for you?
6.   Do you think there are problems facing you more important than your illness?
7.   At times, do you feel that you have lost your identity to your illness?
8.   Do you delay making follow-up appointments?
9.   Do you feel that nothing more can be done, except wait it out?
10.  Is it hard to have hope or make plans for the future?

Parent Coaching a Relationship Based Model.
This program is for parents and other leaders of children and teens, who want to learn what parenting style is effective for raising responsible and cooperative children and teens. This program explains the reasons for misbehavior, effective responses, limit setting, natural and logical consequences verses punishment, the language of encouragement, special communication skills, skills to build self esteem, problem solving, and how to run family meetings. You will be able to encourage your child or teen to set useful goals, rather than look for negative attention; engage in productive activities, rather than power struggles; work cooperatively, rather than look for ways to get even; feel competent, rather than helpless or inadequate. By learning these skills you will build a relationship with your child that will lasts a life-time.

About the Facilitator: Dr. Catherine Hauser, is a licensed clinical professional counselor with a Ph.D.in clinical psychology. Dr. Hauser is also a registered nurse and certified as an addictions counselor. She specializes in, health psychology, mind-body work with a sub specialty in psycho-oncology, and also does parent coaching.

Her interdisciplinary experience in working with persons with cancer comes from her diverse experience as a nurse and a clinical therapist in private practice. She has worked with individuals with cancer in her private practice in their home's and hospital settings.

Her experience with children and service to parents in teaching effective parenting skills and providing Parent Coaching, comes from her work as a behavior management consultant to a children's inner city psychiatric hospital.

Personal Statement:
For persons experiencing conflict, distressing emotions, and stress-related heath problems: When I utilize stress- reduction techniques, my experience has been that persons experience freedom from anxiety, depression, and fear of loss of control over life events as well as the absence or lessening of symptoms, such as pain. Persons discover improved feelings of self-worth and self-identity, and more meaningful relationships. This contributes to the outcome measures of increased physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.